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A Strategy for Boosting Wellness

While at home feeling vulnerable, there are ways to boost the body's protective energy that are easy, free, and useful. [Read More...]

A Cup of Kindness

The workplace is changing, for the better, for us all. Let the healing continue. [Read More...]

Water: the Wonderful Element

What can we add to water that is drugged and dazed when it comes out of our tap? [Read More...]

Water Leads the Way

Embracing symptoms as a necessary dialogue with the body is a challenge, but doing so is an opportunity to learn from our own deep well of wisdom. [Read More...]

New Ways to Advocate are Needed

The plight of 60 million caregivers is treated as a personal challenge, but it is a serious economic issue that may soon overwhelm state and federal budgets. Activists, analysts and family caregivers gathered in Washington, DC to share current efforts and future actions. [Read More...]

Introduction to Comforting Touch

Read an excerpt from the first chapter of Comforting Touch in Dementia and End of Life Care: Take My Hand.

[Read More...]

Workshop on End of Life Care

New ways of looking at end of life, death and post-mortem care are emerging. A workshop at New York City's Open Center will explore ways to work with someone close to death, including the use of touch. [Read More...]

Our Radiant Sea

Every heart beat has an electrical charge that travels through you in waves. But there is more. [Read More...]

Move with the Elements

Stay in rhythm with nature, even in winter. [Read More...]

The Gift of Presence

Intensify the experience of the season by engaging all of the senses. [Read More...]