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New Ways to Advocate are Needed

The plight of 60 million caregivers is treated as a personal challenge, but it is a serious economic issue that may soon overwhelm state and federal budgets. Activists, analysts and family caregivers gathered in Washington, DC to share current efforts and future actions.

Our Radiant Sea

Every heart beat has an electrical charge that travels through you in waves. But there is more.

Move with the Elements

Stay in rhythm with nature, even in winter.

Letting Go of the Stresses of the Day

Stress is a normal part of life. Ways to de-stress should also be part of life, even for children. Help a child, or anyone you love, enter a stress reduction mode through caring, focused touch. It will take only a few minutes, but will have a lasting effect.

Hands on Family Care

You would be surprised at how quickly you can help someone you love when they feel stressed, are fighting a cold, or have an upset stomach, just by using  a few minutes of focused touch.

Communicating at the Speed of Light

Jim Oschman, a scientist and researcher, spoke at a small gathering in Washington, DC about the vibratory nature of the body. He described movements at the cellular level as electromagnetic waves that communicate at the speed of light. The waves travel within the body, and also radiate from the body, creating an electromagnetic field filled with information.

Uniting Family Caregivers of America

People providing care for loved ones may feel alone, but they are part of a caregiving force that is 65 million people strong. Providing them with the help they need is in the news, as politicians and policy advisers address the issue. A national Caregiver Corps is one proposal being considered for the near future.

Book of the Month

Comforting Touch for Dementia and End of Life Care: Take My Hand has been translated into German.

Good Tidings About Integrative Therapies

The latest issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute Monographs is devoted to research on integrative approaches for people with cancer, building the evidence base for wise use of these modalities.

A Shared Response to Baby's First Illness

Respiratory virus is making the news. While there may be "nothing we can do" about the virus, there is always something we can do for the person who has it.

End of Life Care Conversations

Insurers, including Medicare, are recognizing the need for guidance in navigating the unknowns of end of life care.

Now in German

Now available in German. 

German Translation Coming

Comforting Touch for Dementia and End of Life Care: Take My Hand will soon be available in German.

Headache Treatments from an Energetic Perspective

An acute headache may seem like "nothing" but a nuisance to some people, but to a perceptive practitioner it can be a clue to restoring the energetic terrain to normal. That is the basis of preventive health care and the meaning of the saying, "a person with a small illness leads a long life". A class for massage therapists on April 13 will delve into the details of different headache types and how to address them effectively.

New Biomedical Use of Brain Waves

Focused brain waves can fly a small robotic helicopter, demonstrating the radiant power we can access and direct for creating beneficial changes.