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A Strategy for Boosting Wellness

While at home feeling vulnerable, there are ways to boost the body's protective energy that are easy, free, and useful.

A Cup of Kindness

The workplace is changing, for the better, for us all. Let the healing continue.

Water: the Wonderful Element

What can we add to water that is drugged and dazed when it comes out of our tap?

Introduction to Comforting Touch

Read an excerpt from the first chapter of Comforting Touch in Dementia and End of Life Care: Take My Hand.

The Gift of Presence

Intensify the experience of the season by engaging all of the senses.

Solstice and the Need for Light

Around this time of year, when nights are long and days are cold, I remember a story about an elderly Taoist sage who slept 20 hours a day in the winter and four hours a day in the summer.

Getting Closer to Nature

Who knows what truth is?

Life After Dinner

Why spend an hour preparing a meal that will be eaten in five (maybe ten) minutes? Why not just get take-out?