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Posted by: Barbara Goldschmidt
Date: Feb/29/2016

Our Radiant Sea


Radiant Heart_2


The heart beats and emits an electrical current, travelling through you in waves. But there is more.

Electromagnetic currents are both particles and waves. They flow out from you, into your environment, up to 10 feet away. Maybe more, beyond what science can measure. 

Researchers say we are radiant,emitting wave upon wave. We don't need science to tell us that. As evidence, the painting above was done by my daughter when she was five years old. What did she know, except what she felt. Her picture also illustrates how the heart's waves vary in wavelength and frequency, i.e., color.

Our bodies are sensitive enough to feel as well as see the subtle differences in wavelengths. Who hasn't experienced an immediate, felt response to another person? We call it "vibes" or "being in sync". It can open vistas within us or warn us of danger. Our hearts are wordless channels to our deepest thoughts.

Sometimes our heart sends out waves, whether we know it or not, that are so strong another person can feel them from across a room. Isn't this what happens when we fall in love? Energy flowing out from us, enveloping others, travelling through time and space. Maybe when we think of love, instead of using the heart as an image, we should consider the sea.