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Posted by: Barbara Goldschmidt
Date: Dec/07/2015
Tags: song, Daoism

Song of the Day

Wu Wei_2

Imagine your day as a song you know by heart. You've learned the music and lyrics well, so singing is effortless. Each song will be different; they can't all be chipper or sweet. Some will be sad or even grieving. A few may be illuminating, joyous. No matter the content, how can you not feel fulfilled? That is wu wei (woo way)a Daoist approach to living that invites more engagement but less effort.  At least as I understood it from a weekend seminar with Jeffrey Yuen at the New England School of Acupuncture on December 5 and 6, 2015.

Titled "Daoism and the Healer's Paradox", the gathering of mostly senior practitioners focused on the finding and losing we all face as a natural part of life. As we mature in our work, we eventually don't need to look at a book, but can leap into the creative and let it come through us. As though we are singing a song.


Vicki Walker

I love this description of wu wei - thank you for sharing!