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Posted by: Barbara Goldschmidt
Date: Dec/23/2013

Headache Treatments from an Energetic Perspective

On April 13, 2014, Barbara Goldschmidt will offer a class on Headache Treatments from an Energetic Perspective at the Potomac Massage Training Institute in Washington, DC. This class for massage therapists will open a window on the practical and philosophical approach of Tuina, the collective term for bodywork practiced in classical Chinese medicine.

Rather than seeing a "headache" as a "thing" to get rid of, this approach views acute pain in the head, neck and face as a clue to events taking place in the recipient's body. The "pain" is seen as the body's normal response to external pathology. Instead of focusing on eliminating symptoms, the Tuina practitioner uses symptoms as a guide for ways to help the body respond more robustly. Helping the body to restore normal flow may often be enough to reduce pain and prevent an acute condition from worsening. This is an important practice in Chinese medicine, reflected in the philosophical saying that "a person with a small illness leads a long life". In other words, the successful resolution of an acute condition is the basis of preventive health care. 

Participants in the class will learn to assess acute symptoms to determine three types of headaches and will practice protocols for treating each one. Tuina involves both massage techniques and use of acupuncture points, as well as applications that may enhance the treatment, such as hot or cold compresses, essential oils and herbal tea. 


Laura Dillman

Fantastic Class!! I am so glad I took it! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and skills with us!